Hello my name is Teena Soule – Adams, I originate from Halifax, Nova Scotia, and I am the eleventh child of twelve children.  I was grown in the North end of Halifax, I now reside in Hamilton, Ontario.  


I have worked as a Youth Worker, Life Skill Coach, and Advocate for  troubled youth. Among other accomplishments: facilitated focus group, Program planning for youth, Program Planner for low Income housing community, workshops for low income housing, provided home work club for inner city children, movie nights, as well as cooking class for both girls/boys.  Likewise these roles have led to me as of late coordinating building activities including of volunteers for an inner city children playground project.  

Currently I am working as a Counsellor with people with Acquired Brain Injury (ABI).  I have over 10 years experience working in the field. I also am an Addiction Counsellor.  It is my desire to go the extra mile in helping other’s meet their full potential.    

It is my passion to work with inner city children, to empower: build self esteem, self worth, self confidence, as well as giving them the necessary tools to make them feel important, speak of the importance of education as we know our children are our tomorrow, it’s with great interest that we as a community empower our children at an early age.  

The Need
I ask for your careful attention to the needs of the children of tomorrow, thank you in advance for your assistance in donating your service, time and resources.  The Yellow Dress Princess Event thanks you for your interest.  

Each of us has a spark of life inside us, and our highest endeavour ought to be to set off that spark in one another. — Kenny Ausubel